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Why You NEED Internal Linking Structures:
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Most Experts Agree That Internal
Linking is VITAL For ‘Natural’ SEO
That Will Be Favored…
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Take A Look At The Structures That WP Internal Links Creates:

Up To Now There Were Only Two Ways To Create
Internal Linking Structures In WordPress:

1. Manually, going into every post or page,
creating the link yourself

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This is incredibly tedious and time-consuming, and if you want to make
the slightest change you have to enter and edit the post again; and of
course in the long term, especially for large sites, you have to
remember all the links you created.

2. Automatically, using already existing plugins.

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Drawbacks: you have no or very little control of where the
links are posted; many links are added in sidebar or footer widgets,
whose links are highly discounted by Google, and you cannot create
a structured link scheme.

WP Internal Links Allows You To Quickly
And Easily Create FOUR Different Types
Of Internal Linking Structures…

Over Which You Have Absolute Control…

  • Choose the introductory text that will be placed before the links, like “For more information, visit…”
  • Place the links at the top or the bottom of your posts. Thus, they are high valued in-content links. And you can dynamically change their placement later, if you want!
  • Be Penguin-safe, and choose the specific anchor text you want to use to link to each post. You can vary it as much as you want, and edit it later if you feel like it!
  • Have your posts and pages point to a single URL, or to one another, creating hubs, rings, stars… It can be done in less than one minute!
  • Conveniently access all existing structures, and review them or edit them. Never again forget what post links to what others, never again have to edit each of your existing links manually!

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